CPArmies Login Guide

Hello! This is an official step-by-step guide on how to log into CPArmies! We hope this guide is useful to all new members looking to attend events with us!

Step One:
Go to

Step Two:
The website will ask if you want to join the CPAH community Discord server, you can select yes or no

Step Three:
Click the START button towards the bottom of the screen

Step Four:
Type your Penguin Name and Password into the boxes.
TIP: The boxes to the right of the arrows in the picture allow you to save your login information to your computer for an easy login next time!

Step Five:
If your login was successful, you will see this on your screen.
Don’t see the server you’re looking for? Click on the yellow box towards the bottom right of the screen to access additional servers to play on!

Note: The yellow happy face means someone you have added as a friend is online on that server!

Step Six:
If you clicked the MORE SERVERS button, you should see this screen. The arrows on the right side of the screen allow you to navigate up and down to see more servers! Please select the server the event is being held on.

Step Seven:
Once you’re successfully logged into the game, please type !army JAX into the chat bar so you can get our uniform!

Step Eight:
Almost there! Your penguin should be wearing The Black Jackets uniform now. Please click on the map at the bottom left of the game to access the full game map.

Step Nine:
The full game map should be on your screen. This photo labels every room on the map for you so you can find it easily. Please click on the room we are having our event in!

Step Ten:
Once you’re in the correct room, make sure to get into our formation! Then you are all ready for our event! We hope you have lots of fun!