The Creation

On May 17, 2007, an army called the Black Jackets were founded upon the server Rainbow at Shadowball5’s igloo. Shadowball5 was Coff’s first penguin, otherwise known as the creator of the Black Jackets. The idea came to Coff while he witnessed the UMA rebellion of the founding of Rebel Penguin Federation. Redtights, a general in the Shadow Troops planned to invade the server Frozen. The invasion led to the Black Jackets first battle. In these times of Club Penguin Warfare, mostly everything was based on rogue activity. There was very little wordpress and xat activity. The Black Jackets first battle was May 25, 2007 on the server called Frozen against the crippled blooded scoundrels, PSA (Penguin Secret Agency) along the Snow Forts. The Black Jackets won the war against the PSA, by sending in a spy to delete their wordpress website.

Beginning of a Nation

On June 28,2007, the Black Jackets had formed a Nation of a Democracy. Spilting away, into a Dictationship, by Redtights forming a Rainbow Regiment into overthrowing the leader Shadowball5. Redtights was then found guilty by Congress, and later was set on to be on suspension for 6 months. Socialboy, then hacked Shadowball5 and got him ban forever. The whole Nation was stunned. Shadowball5, the leader and the creator was in a desvastation, but the next generation of Shadowball5 was created; Johnhancoff. Socialboy later, then joined the PSA & they invaded our capital Rainbow. The Vikings were alongside with the Black Jackets during this war, but soon lost interest for an alliance during the 19 Day War in 2008, due to attacking their homeland, Mammoth. The Black Jackets then let Redtights off his suspension & their reign of the plan was going to start.

Destruction of Armies

Redtights & Johnhancoff had their plan on destruction of Club Penguin. Johnhancoff wanted to burn out the whole PSA Empire with their allies, the Pirates. Under the control of DarkWizard46 for the Pirates. Johnhancoff and twenty Black Jacket Soldiers invaded Frozen on the following day August 21,2007, while Redtights and ten troops Re-Invaded Rainbow. The Pirates soon fell, having DarkWizard46 joining the Black Jackets & Socialboy ban forever due to him saying “We have a Black Jacket hostage, having the PSA fall into another period of devastation.


First elections were coming up for the Black Jacket Nation in October, 2007. Meggis1234, or as everyone would call the Destructor. Meggis1234, a recruit found in the server Sabertooth during a Recruiting Session. Meggis went up against Johnhancoff in the elections and beat him by 63 votes. Meggis only went for 2 terms and later appointed Johnhancoff as the Leader. Adopted by Black Jacket Congress, once laid a horrible written out Constitution during when Meggis was leader.

“What tells you right nor wrong, you shall join and die for tho country and be a brave soldier in war. You shall indeed use honest decisions there foretold in saying of Gods Nature. There foretold the most common rights of this nation are life,libery, and justice. These rights are appointed by the government so we can have tho safe nation. Before tho Declaration of Independence, our towns and colonies were destroyed. Our soldiers died for us in tho war of hells been broken. We give dignity to all those citizens who want to have freedom of speech in tho colonies. And with this declaration, we hope it shall protect the providence of these servers and let them rest in peace.”


X:Borja X: Redtights

Plans come Closer and Closer

Johnhancoff’s plot was soon coming to start during May 2008. It was to

  • Control 20 servers: Check
  • Control Club Penguin’s capital Mammoth: Check
  • Finish off the Ice Warriors: Not Check

When Johnhancoff declared war on the Ice Warriors and Acp, Meggis and Redtights wanted to impeach him due to the declaration of two major armies. Johnhancoff soon was impeached & Jim456 was then put as CoLeader under the command of Abester12. Abester12 was under Johnhancoff’s command during the war, but from impeachment, he split up the Black Jackets, due to fighting with Jim456 & Redtights.

^Wars During 2008^

The Black Jackets ended up losing the War and were in the period of Reconstruction from their leader being impeached.

Redemption 08-09′

Johnhancoff was then given the chance to rejoin the Black Jackets & made 12345Marine the CoLeader with Mijos in November 2008. The Black Jackets were in the period of Reconstruction and of some of the greatest moments proud to be never taken away.

The Black Jackets and UMA had a horrible relationship of being allies. They often had wars against eachother such as this one:

-Johnhancoff makes Wicket1235 a leader; Wicket resigns on January 14,2009.

-Johnhancoff gets ban forever on Club Penguin on December 25, 2008( ? What a Christmas)

-Orange2224,Mijos,12345Marine are made Leaders; April 4,3009

-Orange and It’s Cobra 70 get fired due to annihilation of hacking of the Black Jacket Nation on May 8,2009.

-Spongie555 and Pippy212 bring back BJ and become Leaders : August 14, 2009.

-Spongie555 resigns on September 13, 2009, and Axevolution takes his place as leader.

-Axevolution and Pippy taken off as leaders due to activeness. Blackjack and Panthersbas1 become new leaders selected by Spongie555 : date forgotten

-November 12, 2009: Snow Kinghts the army that merged in us starts the Snow Knight rebellion against the Black Jackets. Snow Knights hack the Black Jackets chat. War was decalred on the rebels but didnt go through.

-January 16, 2010: Black Jackets Revival Act signed. Black Jackets will never die now.

-January 25,2010: JustinBronze becomes leader

-January 31,2010: Arod(Cewan)becomes leader after Justin gives the spot to him.

-November 20th, 2020: Koloway revives the Black Jackets army.